Why selling on Otto?

As one of the top marketplace in Germany -with a strong presence in Austria, Belgium, the Netherland and Russia too- it offers great opportunities to grow your customer base and brand awareness on such territories.

Such opportunities comes at a price on Otto. This marketplace, in fact, is best suited for larger businesses able to support the one-off entrance fee of €10.000 required to all sellers of the platform.

Germany is an impressive market for e-commerce, therefore, investments can be justificated and Digizoom can help you to optimize results increasing sales and your customer base.

Here again, Digizoom can help in different ways:

  • Product Listing
  • Language and Tone Adaptation
  • Manage Orders
  • Inventory Update
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Customer Care
  • If you want to know more or ask information about tailored services, please contact us or fill the form below.

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