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Shopping with Social Media

Our main offering for Social Media Shopping is Instagram and Facebook ads. However, depending on target audience group, we use LinkedIn and Twitter as well.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, who doesn’t use social media these days? Having such an immense user base makes social media platforms a great advertisement tool, since there are different channels to advertise on and different people to target. At Digizoom we can help you to grow your business across various social media channels.

Effective Ads For Your Targeted Audience

It’s easy to reach your target audience on social networks as they have plenty of data on personal interests, demographics and past behaviors for example on Facebook. At Digizoom we analyze what your target audience is or discover your goal audience and are able to show your ads to your future customers. So that you will be using your budget effectively. You can target different groups for each ad to increase the return.

Besides finding the right people, it’s also important to catch their attention with good branding and by standing out from the clutter. We can make eye-catching advertisements that work on every device.

Maximized Performance, Minimized Costs With Optimization

It’s our job to manage your campaigns so that they have the best performance by using interested audience targeting and effective ad texts & images. Thus, your campaign will reach the highest number of clicks with the same advertising budget. In addition to our campaign structure and optimization, by using the auction-based pricing policy of Facebook we are able to reduce costs.

Facebook Ads

Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce

Social Media has played a crucial role in the evolution of online shopping. 9 out of 10 shoppers turn to social media first for help with making a purchase.

There is no minimum-spending requirement. You specify the amount you want to pay for your ads. For example, you can set a daily budget of EUR 5 and limit your costs to EUR 0,10 per visitor. You will be charged only if someone clicks on your ad, not every time it is shown. Enabling your ads to get a lot of exposure on people’s social media pages without charge necessarily.

Now, why would you use social media marketing as an online retailer?

Facebook Ads Optimization

Easy to use for shoppers

When potential shoppers see the advertisement of your products on social media, it is easy for them to click and see the products, then make a purchase of the products they like. They don’t have to go all the way to your website, click through different pages and browse through the different products. Basically it makes conversion quicker for the brand and navigation easier for the customer.

The right person for the right product

If you have a lot of different types of products you can align this with the target options in social media. Since the targeting level of social media is very advanced you can target for example; based on pages your audience likes or their interests. This makes it easier to find the right person for the right product. It is possible to customize your ads for the right person, which makes it more likely they will turn into customers.

Show more products of your inventory

Instead of just showing one product in your advertisement, it is possible to show several products of your inventory by using Carousel Ads. This is perfect to reach potential customers who are still looking for different items and haven’t decided yet on a specific item. By using carousel ads, you give them more options, which makes it more likely they will see a product that aligns with their needs/wants. The carousel ads are available on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing for your business

Do you see potential in advertising across various social media channels? We do! Our team can manage your social media advertising and is specialized in Facebook and Instagram advertising. Our experts are happy to help you to reach more potential customers.

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