Oracle EBS and Cloud Integrations

Oracle ERP Integrations, Oracle Integrations Cloud

OIC, Order capture, invoice creation, master data creation such as customers, suppliers, employees. Perhaps purchase orders or work orders. For any integration needed from or to the Oracle Applications, we deliver working integrations and scalable framework with speed, accuracy and we do this efficiently. Oracle Fusion Cloud stands as a testament to the capability of modern cloud-based solutions, providing exceptional integration capabilities that redefine operational efficiency. It acts as a comprehensive, connected, and intelligent suite of applications designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide array of systems. Its robust API architecture offers the flexibility to integrate with various Oracle and non-Oracle applications, creating a unified, consolidated system landscape that reduces complexity and facilitates a single source of truth.

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Value Added Consultancy

SME Experiences

At Digizoom, we bring our comprehensive knowledge in Oracle ERP features to the table, offering unmatchable Subject Matter Expertise in Oracle’s suite of business applications. Our team of professionals are well-versed in Oracle ERP's diverse modules, including Financial Management, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management, Supply Chain Management, and Human Capital Management, among others. We understand the robust reporting capabilities, real-time analytics, and automation functionalities that Oracle ERP offers, and leverage these features to help streamline your business processes, improve decision-making, and boost your operational efficiency. Our depth of experience enables us to customize Oracle ERP solutions that perfectly align with your business goals, ensuring you can harness the full potential of this world-class ERP system.

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Digizoom Project Management

Data Quality

Oracle consultants assist you to design and implement the best of master data management - MDM tools and processes for your price lists, customers, suppliers, banks, other 3rd parties, and enterprise wide data sets with verified and secured methodologies.

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ERP Automation

Oracle SLA Design & Setup

Designing a robust accounting for your cost and revenue processing provides you with the best of your ability to report, analyse, harness the best of your data. It starts with a good subledger accounting design which is an area we excel at with our consultants who have 20+ years of experience on enterprise wide SLA designs.

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Oracle Item Orderability

Item Orderability

Do you want to restrict customers, countries or regions from purchasing products? Do you want to apply restrictions for your healthcare or any type of product that requires control on sales because of licensing, permissions or any other reason? We help you implement item orderability functions for the Cloud and EBS.

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Creating Your Digital Journey, RPA with Digizoom

Robotic Process Automation

From manufacturing to logistics, sales to shipment, invoice to cash, ask us where you can improve your process. We deliver value added solutions for your enterprise applications such as RPA-Robotic Process Automations which can speed up the data processing, improve data control and compliance.

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