DIGIZOOM, today.

Presently, Digizoom serves as a leading provider of enterprise application implementations and digitization solutions. Our comprehensive range of tools and consultancy services enables businesses to optimize their ERP systems, encompassing project management, IT governance, and compliance. Additionally, we specialize in executing software implementation projects, including the development of e-commerce stores. Leveraging the expertise of our proficient consultants, we offer Oracle EBS and Cloud Applications consultancy, implementation services, vertical solutions, and compliance solutions for ERP delivery. Furthermore, we ensure the smooth progress of projects and their interim deliverables, providing assurance throughout the entire project lifecycle. With Digizoom, you can rest assured of achieving successful project delivery and harnessing the full potential of your ERP systems.

At Digizoom, we adhere to a unique approach that we proudly call "One Time Right." This philosophy underscores our commitment to executing projects with utmost precision and efficiency from the very beginning. We firmly believe that even a single mistake can have far-reaching consequences for an organization. By prioritizing accuracy and effectiveness, we ensure that our solutions stand the test of time and enable our clients to achieve sustained growth and success.

Price by Value Rather Than By Cost

Delivering Value, Reducing Project Cost

People and consultants take precedence over tools, methods, and project management practices in IT projects. At our company, we prioritize delivering value-added consultancy and thought leadership for your transformation projects. We understand the significance of managing the changes that come with large-scale ERP implementations and transformations. Our role is to assist you in making informed decisions swiftly, and we actively involve you in the process to share the associated risks. We believe in collaboration and ensuring that the solutions and decisions are signed off together, guaranteeing a successful outcome for your projects.

Customer Satisfaction

Change Management

Big IT transformation projects like ERP is all about change management. Company-wide change management is big part of the job. Our expert consultants provide that confidence and comfort for project management, stakeholders, and users with their knowledge, experience and skills. It is like in a jungle without map, and our consultants are your tour guides who have been there many times.

DIGIZOOM, previously.

Digizoom has provided solutions for primarily digital e-commerce and enterprise digitisation solutions. We had been helping our clients grow online for over 10 years. We managed more than 100 e-commerce projects including e-commerce store developments, banking & shipping integrations, ERP and back-office integrations and much more.

We have provided professional digital transformation and marketing services for our clients medium to large. We helped to companies to get the best of their investments for their digital journey. We have helped customers to implement their e-commerce stores and software developments around it with a project management discipline which has helped them to deliver on time, in target, and efficiency.

Marketing Expertise

Marketing Expertise

Our team had a combination of marketing and IT Business Consultants with deep marketing know-how and we utilised this experience to shape up the deliveries.

We still do IT tranformation projects for marketing projects however we no longer support software development part. We only assist them for project management.

Tailored Service

Tailored Service, Boutique

One size does not fit all. We know that every market and client is unique. That is why we made Digizoom a boutique shop. Not only implementation, we also helped our customers to apply best marketing strategies from growth to retain.

Our Vertical Solutions

  • Oracle Cloud
  • ITIL4
  • Oracle E-Business Suite


  • China Southern Airlines
  • Canon
  • Word Wildlife Fund
  • TEB/BNP Paribas
  • The British School in The Netherlands
  • Hoagard
  • Patirti.com
  • English Home
  • Hilco Industries
  • Arzum
  • Sinoz Cosmetics
  • Jinemed
  • Cevre Hospitals
  • Heraderma Poliklinik
  • Danca Design
  • Travel Turkey
  • İZFAŞ İzmir Fuar
  • Nobel Termal ve Fizik Tedavi
  • IGEME İhracatı Geliştirme Merkezi