Selling on Amazon

Why selling on Amazon? comes 10th in Alexa’s global website rankings. That means that an incredible volume of people are looking at the website every day. Similar rankings are also reached in main local markets such as UK or Germany. Therefore, the main reason to sell here is the large chances to increase your customers base.

If you want to sell internationally, it is possible with a few pre considerations: You need to make sure that you can handle shipping, and follow all the rules surrounding importing and exporting goods. It will be your responsibility to know all about it— Amazon will mostly avoid any responsibility.

To help you with that, Amazon also offers FBA and FBM options; the first (Fulfilled By Amazon), will let Amazon manage all your shipments for an additional service fee; the second (Fulfilled By Merchant), will leave you in charge of it, cutting expenses.

Here, Digizoom can help you in different ways:

  • Selling your inventory internationally through our portal Fienzi
  • Managing your inventory in our warehouse in The Netherlands
  • Ship your inventory to our warehouse and sell them through a brand new amazon account made for you
  • Managing orders and customers for you
  • Increase sales by optimizing products’ keywords and text
  • Import and update inventory on Amazon
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • If you want to know more or ask information about tailored services, please contact us or fill the form below.

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